Self Respect for Nice Guys

Being a nice guy, you've done nothing wrong. But your relationships aren't working out and you don't know why.

I'm here to coach you how to use your authentic personality to attract a happy, healthy relationship into your life. No more getting walked all over by women, no more seeing guys who treat women badly 'get the girl,' and wondering what they're secret is. Learn how to set boundaries for yourself, as well as express and communicate what you want. Be happy with yourself whether you are in a relationship or not. Happiness is not only for your partner. You can be happy in your relationship too. True happiness and healthy self-esteem come from within, not whether a woman says 'yes' or not. A self-assured man is more attractive than what most men mistakenly believe is attractive to women. 

This is more than the regular email list. This group is for men who are ready to be active in the next step in their personal transformation. This group is for any man who feels anxiety about being assertive or at the thougt of asking a woman out, but is especially helpful for men who are shy, have been through toxic relationships, or have been abused.

This for is for motivated men who are willing to take the next step, but need some direction.