Dan Bolton, LMHC

I am a licensed counselor and men's relationship coach with more than 19 years experience in psychotherapy, mental health counseling, and related fields. I have led client-breakthroughs, recovery from severe trauma, improving self-esteem, helping guide clients toward self-actualization, and building better relationships. 

I am also just a regular guy, like you. I love music, technology, surfing, and pushing myself to grow and overcome life’s challenges. I've always strived to be positive, but have never let that override my sensibility or my ability to reckon with the harsh reality life at times throws our way. I first began my training studying psychology at the University of Southern California. USC's psychology program prepared me for this profession by providing an excellent foundation in research, instilling the kind of skills and values that make psychotherapy work- objectivivity, consistency, reliability, the ability to question, explore, and understand further. In 2002 I completed my Masters degree in psychoanalysis, which helped polish the skills I learned at USC to be applied in the office. 

My background includes a wide-range of work experiences and clinical settings - as senior clinician and PTSD expert for the “Connecting with Care” initiative, providing trauma therapy protocols to clients exposed to extreme trauma and gun violence - to men's relationship coach in my private practice, where I have worked with hundreds of clients individually and in group sessions to improve confidence, confront and overcome fears to get the most out of their relationships. I address a broad range of issues affecting men including rooting out long-standing problems emanating from childhood, more immediate but no less painful issues around emotional expression, psychological and emotional abuse from intimate adult relationships, and coping with the social stigma of asking for help. 

My unique approach stems from witnessing miraculous stories of resilience in some of the most vulnerable and traumatized youth, to my own experiences as a father going through divorce. These experiences have helped recalibrate the work I do with clients over the last 10 years with a renewed focus on men’s development, wellness, the way men approach relating, and their mental health.

There were, and still are, very few resources available specifically for men, and it still is taboo for men to talk openly about some of these experiences and the emotions involved in them. I believe a lot of men have gone through the same thing, and a lot more men will without the knowledge and support I am offering here. In my evolution as a therapist and relationship coach I enjoyed seeing that a person could come to the same conclusions from personal experience as a therapist who has done so through years of professional work. My perspective is grounded, and relatable, which I feel is particularly important as men tend to relate better man to man rather than being spoken to from the ivory tower of professionalism.

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Dan is the author of the Non-Committal Partner quiz for the Marriage Material App, a quiz designed to give you a quick snapshot of whether the person you've been dating has what it takes to commit or whether they're wasting your time. Download the app for free on iOS through the App Sore here. To learn more go to www.marriagematerialapp.com

Dan is a regular contributor to the Good Men Project where his relationship advice has also been published:



Dan is also a contributing writer for Mindful Magazine, an online magazine focused on health and wellness. 

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